Thursday, June 14, 2012


barbican conservatory

yas: omg look
me: what is it?
- a man sitting behind a giant pot reading a book -

That convo pretty much epitomizes that visit to the conservatory. L.A.M.E. not really. I was amazed by the garden; never been to one before, ofc, Istanbul ain't so plant friendly. The closest thing we have to a conservatory..? Probably that tiny little glass encased terrace you see on the top of Dolmabahce Palace when you pass it by bus heading towards Taksim. I might be exaggerating, Istanbul is modern! aha. Going back to the conservatory, the plant's were enormous and made me feel like I walked into a Miyazaki film. The place was divded into sections; birds, trees, bench areas + more trees, and CACTI! Dumm dumm dummmm (queue dramatic sounds). I love cacti. If they weren't so prickly, I'd scatter them around my room. But due to my unpleasant tendency to roll around in sleep, mr.cactus and I would not make such a happy couple in the bed room **tears**. If any of my friends are reading this (doubtful!), cacti make wonderful house warming gifts.

expressed my fondness for cacti.. CHECK. I am out.
Night xx

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