Wednesday, September 26, 2012

oh how i wish it were hot

After a rather exciting morning in the emergency room (making it sound more dramatic than it was), on IV drips and heart scans (just precautions really), I caught a flight back to London. This was exactly a week ago and I'm still at home tryna kick this flu, how have I only recently discovered that being sick is the ultimate time drainer?? But truthfully, I do enjoy laying in bed catching up on my TV. My choice of shows this time: Game of Thrones and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! What I've learned: winter is coming, it's already here in london, and I miss asian mama, take care of me please.

Moving on to these images, taken on our family road trip + sailing holiday to the south of turkey, I miss the sun!! One week and I miss the sun already, ahhhhh. Ate lots of fish, lots of fruits, lots of vegg, and lots of bread. 

Menemen has become my favorite breakfast meal. Basically an omelet with peppers tomatoes and spices, but what makes it so tasty is the undercooked soft eggs. My description isn't really doing it any justice, yep, just read that bit over, DEFINITELY not doing it any justice. A must try, trust.

So my father spent 180TL on fishing equipment. Asian mama, being convinced that fishing was going to be rather simple, purchased two big buckets for ALL THE FISH we were going to catch. First couple days pass, didn't even attempt fishing. The next couple days we gave it a try, nothing happened. And then FINALLY, hallelujah, a fish got hooked. That motherfucker was strong. Flopped about for a good five minutes before it finally calmed down and gave up, we put it in the bucket, and took a look around. Red blood spots, everywhere. As if a teenage girl got a 'present' while jumping on a trampoline, indeed. Took us another twenty minutes to clean everything up. That was the only fish we caught. Conclusion: fishing is too much effort. So that fish you're looking at (apparently a lambuka, aka mahi mahi) is worth 180TL.

Gocek was beautiful, mountains caressed by the sea, sun in the sky across from the moon. We would sail around the waters in the day, stopping at the little bays of the various islands,   and at night we would dock at the restaurant bays.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

an ideal end

Blue room of the Four Seasons Hotel in Sultanahmet, Istanbul

S.W.E.A.R, girl is incapable of taking a normal picture, just one of the reasons, the main reason, that makes her moooo

Starting to put my belongings into two piles; the so-called 'to bring' and 'to leave behind' piles. This could only mean one thing: it's almost time to leave summer and Istanbul in the past. Queue sad yet exited music, what is that?? A new semester of school is fast approaching and there's quite a bit to do before then; mainly packing then unpacking and picking up boxes to unpack + move in to the new flat. But before all the PACK-work can take action, i've got a week to kill in this city. As much as I find comfort in roaming around the house, eating while playing dead (similar to my deceased turtles) and watching tv, a so called ' TO SEE' list was brewed in my cauldron (located in my back yard! holla).  The list ain't looking all that great though, please lower any/all standards:

- Dolmabahce Palace
- Galata Tower
- Istiklal
- Sultanahmet
- Istanbul Akvaryum (i like fish)